Barstool Gold Flex Trainer 48"

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The SKLZ | Barstool Golf Gold Flex Swing Trainer 48" is a training aid designed to enhance swing tempo, muscle memory, and power with its exaggerated flex shaft and weighted head.
The SKLZ | Barstool Golf Gold Flex Swing Trainer 48" collaboration is a cutting-edge golf training tool engineered for enhancing swing mechanics and overall performance on the course. This unique trainer stands out with its exaggerated shaft flex, which introduces a slight lag at the top of the backswing, crucial for establishing the ideal swing tempo. This feature, combined with the weighted ball at the end, encourages a smoother, more consistent swing, aiding golfers in gaining extra distance with each shot. At 48 inches, the Gold Flex is longer than a standard driver, a design choice specifically aimed at developing greater swing speed and ensuring the swing stays on plane. This length is ideal for improving ball-striking consistency and accuracy. The weighted head further assists in proper weight transfer, building balance and power through impact. Convenient and versatile, the SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer fits easily into a golf bag, making it legal to carry on the course. It serves as a low-impact stretching tool for pre-round or range warm-ups. The grip guide is an added bonus, helping players work on building muscle memory for the correct grip, a foundational aspect of a successful swing. This collaboration between SKLZ and Barstool Sports is more than just a training tool; it's a comprehensive approach to refining and mastering the art of golf.
  • Swing Tempo Improvement: Its exaggerated flex shaft aids in developing a rhythmic swing tempo, crucial for consistent and effective play.
  • Enhanced Swing Mechanics: The weighted head promotes proper weight transfer, improving balance and power through impact, thereby addressing common swing mechanic issues.
  • Increased Distance and Accuracy: The 48" length, longer than standard drivers, is designed to boost swing speed, leading to greater distance and improved accuracy.
  • Grip Accuracy and Muscle Memory: Includes a grip guide to ensure correct hand placement, fostering the development of muscle memory for a more efficient swing.
  • Portable and Practical for On-Course Use: Compact and designed to fit in a golf bag, making it ideal for on-the-go practice and pre-round warm-ups.
  • SKLZ Golf Flex Swing Trainer 48" - Barstool Golf Edition: for Enhanced Tempo, Distance, and Accuracy
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Item Dimensions 2.8 in wide x 25 in height x 2.8 in length
Weight 1.27 lbs
Size Small
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Material Tpe, Pvc, Fiberglass
Warranty 1 Year

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