Barstool Swing Guide Trainer

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The SKLZ | Barstool Golf Swing Guide Trainer collaboration offers instant, adaptable feedback for golf swings. It features durable, removable guides and a resilient polycarbonate base for diverse shot training.
Introducing the SKLZ | Barstool Golf Swing Guide Trainer, designed for golfers seeking to perfect their swing, this trainer offers composite guides that deliver instant feedback on swing path and plane. These guides, crafted from durable materials, ensure your clubs remain unscathed during practice. Innovatively, the guides are removable and easily reattachable, enabling you to train for a variety of shots—be it straight, draw, or fade. This versatility shapes your shot-making skills, adapting to your individual needs. The trainer's bungee and magnet system is a standout feature, preventing the guides from scattering on missed shots. This means less time spent resetting and more time focused on refining your technique. Constructed with an ultra-durable polycarbonate base, the trainer withstands the rigors of repeated use. Its resilience ensures a long-lasting product that won’t crack or break, no matter how intense the practice sessions get. Additionally, the alignment markers are a thoughtful inclusion. They not only help in building a proper setup and ball position but also reinforce it, allowing for improved control and flight of the ball. As part of our collaboration with Barstool Golf, this trainer doesn’t just improve your game—it also brings a sense of community and shared passion to your practice
  • Instant Swing Feedback: Equipped with composite guides, the SKLZ | Barstool Golf Swing Guide Trainer, provides immediate feedback on your swing path and plane, enhancing technique on the fly.
  • Durable and Club-Friendly: Features durable, removable guides made of forgiving materials that protect your clubs from damage during practice, ensuring both the trainer and your equipment last longer.
  • Versatile Shot Training: Offers removable guides that can be easily repositioned for practicing various swing paths like straight, draw, and fade, allowing golfers to shape and refine every aspect of their swing.
  • Efficient Design with Bungee® and Magnet System: Includes a bungee and magnet system to prevent guides from scattering on missed shots, facilitating quick reassembly and more focused training time.
  • Robust and Long-Lasting: Built with an ultra-durable polycarbonate base and alignment markers, the trainer is designed for endurance, withstanding numerous practice sessions and aiding in consistent, accurate swing alignment.
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Item Dimensions 19 in wide x 4.62 in height x 11 in length
Weight 1.15 lbs
Size Small
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Material 40% Magnet, 37% Pc, 13% Tpe + 6% Pebax Rnew 35R53, 2% Steel, 2% Abs
Warranty 1 Year

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