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Bunker Caddie Golf Tool: Perfect Bunker Shots with Precision & Style

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Master sand challenges decisively with SKLZ Bunker Caddie. Tackle deceleration, perfect your stance, refine your swing, and strengthen your mental resilience through a superior bunker simulation.
In the competitive world of golf, SKLZ Bunker Caddie stands as an emblem of mastery. Every golfer knows the challenges of sand traps: the dreaded deceleration, the nuances of ball placement, the demands on mental fortitude. Bunker Caddie is the answer—a tool tailored for dominance. Its authentic simulation immerses you in the true grit of bunker challenges. While positioning is a component, the true essence of Bunker Caddie lies in its ability to holistically enhance your game. It refines your swing mechanics, zeroing in on common pitfalls and ensuring each stroke is executed with precision. But golf isn't just physical—it's a mental battle, where resilience and strategy reign supreme. This is where Bunker Caddie truly shines, fortifying your mindset and molding you into a player who thrives under pressure. Bunker Caddie is more than just a tool—it's the bedrock of bunker excellence. It's about embracing every challenge, refining every shot, and walking the course with the confidence that comes from knowing you're equipped for success
  • Authentic Simulation: Mirrors the nuances of real bunker terrains, allowing for a genuine training experience outside of the golf course.
  • Focus on Positioning: Designed to perfect your stance and positioning within bunkers, laying the foundation for successful shots.
  • Enhances Touch and Feel: Aids in mastering the finesse required for greenside bunker shots, which translates to improved chip and lob shots around the green.
  • Boosts Mental Resilience: Training with challenging bunker scenarios nurtures your ability to stay calm and focused, fortifying your mental game.
  • Promotes Improved Swing Mechanics: Encourages a full follow-through and acceleration, leading to better swing habits, particularly with wedges.
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Item Dimensions 16.51cm wide x 2.54cm height x 16.51cm depth
Weight 1.21 lbs
Sport Type Golf
Skill Level Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Chipping, Form
Size Small
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Material 82%Rubber Pellet, 18%Polyester
Warranty 1 YEAR

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