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Setting Trainer Weighted Volleyball

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The SKLZ Setting Trainer is a game-changer for volleyball enthusiasts. This 17oz. weighted volleyball enhances control and readies you for genuine gameplay, boosting your practice sessions' efficiency.
Volleyball requires a fusion of precision, strength, and adaptability. With this in mind, the SKLZ Setting Trainer emerges as an unparalleled tool for those seeking to enhance their skills. As a 17oz. weighted ball, it's expertly crafted to rectify common setting challenges, ensuring players get the most out of their practice time. The ball boasts a construction of high-grade composite leather and a stitchless microfiber design, guaranteeing longevity. Its evenly distributed weight offers a consistent touch, a feature crucial for those aiming to perfect their coordination and setting finesse. But it's more than just a practice tool. The SKLZ Setting Trainer doubles as a muscle conditioning aid, focusing on the essential muscles involved in setting. As players train with it, they'll notice a tangible increase in power and control, especially when transitioning back to standard balls. Whether you're a novice trying to grasp the basics or a seasoned player aiming for perfection, this volleyball trainer ensures you're always a step ahead. By integrating seamlessly into varied drills and offering a genuine gameplay feel, the SKLZ Setting Trainer is a must-have for anyone serious about volleyball.
  • Weighted Advantage: Crafted as a 17oz. weighted volleyball, it's designed to enhance control, power, and precision in every setting move.
  • Durable Design: Made from high-grade composite leather with a stitchless microfiber construction, ensuring longevity and countless hours of volleyball practice.
  • Consistent Touch: Even weight distribution across the ball provides a unique and consistent touch, perfect for refining hand-eye coordination.
  • Muscle Conditioning: Specially engineered to target and strengthen the essential setting muscles, enhancing both technique and power.
  • Versatility: More than just a volleyball trainer, it's a comprehensive tool that integrates seamlessly into various drills, elevating every practice session.
More Information
Item Dimensions 20.96cm diameter
Weight 1.08 lbs
Sport Type Volleyball
Skill Level Intermediate
Training Type Form, Setting, Strength
Role/Position Offense
Size Small
More Information
Material 50% Rubber, 30% Polyester Yarn, 20% Pu
Warranty 1 YEAR

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