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Universal Shooting Target

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Improve shooting accuracy to help players focus on the optimal shooting zones during training. The Universal Shooting Targets easily attach to most goals and are made with a durable flexible composite material to withstand powerful shots.
In lacrosse and hockey, there are main target zones where players are more likely to score. The Universal Shooting Targets help shooters visualize, focus, and shoot into the areas where a goalie is statistically least likely to make a save. Designed to give players maximum shooting reps, the trainer builds the muscle memory and vision that are behind shots that score. Its durable and flexible composite material was built for both lacrosse and hockey to hold up against shot after shot. The shooting targets fit almost all goals and set up can be done in just minutes with its quick-attachment fasteners. The attachments make it easy to change up the shot locations for shooting variety. Its square design actually fits in the goal corners, which outperforms other competitors designs. The targets provide instant feedback from multiple shot locations, so accuracy can always be improved.
  • Builds a visual focus to improve shooting accuracy
  • Durable, flexible composite material built for both hockey and lacrosse
  • Square design allows targets to be positioned in the corners of the goal, the optimal shooting zones
  • Quick attachments for multiple shot locations
  • Comes in a 2 pack
More Information
Item Dimensions 0.13 in wide x 9 in height x 12.5 in length
Weight 0.99 lbs
Sport Type Hockey, Lacrosse
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Shooting
Role/Position Coach, Offense
Style Type Adjustable
Size Small
More Information
Material 95% Polyurethane, 4% Tpr, 1% Plastic
Warranty 1 Year

The vision to score

Elite players will tell you scoring is about visualizing and executing your shots. The Universal Shooting Target’s unique square design allows you to shoot the ball in the optimal scoring areas, giving your shooting training more targets and effective results.


Improves lacrosse and hockey shots.

The Universal Shooting Targets can be placed on both lacrosse and hockey nets with quick attachments for multiple shot locations. It’s the ideal target for multi-sport players, directing their focus and shot energy to the areas where more goals are scored.


Fits in the zone.

Hit the correct location each time, with the targets that fit in the goal scoring zone. With its unique square design and easy attachment, the Universal Shooting Targets fit firmly into the scoring zones, including the corners, without the need to wedge it in or force placement.

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