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Court Vision

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Use the Court Vision dribble goggles for better ball control and improved awareness of the whole court.
The SKLZ Court Vision dribble goggles help players of all levels develop better ball control and court awareness in their basketball game. The goggles partially obscure peripheral vision, forcing the player to handle the ball with their head up in order to survey the court. The lightweight googles feature an adjustable elastic strap and soft flexible plastic rims for a comfortable fit. Wearing the goggles during practice helps improve reaction time against defenders and increases overall confidence on the court. Sized suitable for most ages and both male and female athletes to train their game. Covered by a one-year warranty.
  • Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up to survey the court
  • Improves reaction time against defenders
  • Increases confidence on the court
  • Adjustable elastic strap and soft flexible plastic rims for a comfortable fit
More Information
Weight 0.89 lbs
Size One Size
Sport Type Basketball
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Ball Control, Dribbling
Role/Position Offense
Size Small
More Information
Material 70% TPE, 25% POLYESTER, 5% NYLON
Warranty 1 Year

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