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Pass Around

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Stationary passing trainer designed to help improve athlete’s passing, ball control, rhythm, and overall touch. Athletes can develop both right and left footwork.
The Pass Around is a stationary passing trainer that helps athletes improve their passing, ball control, rhythm, and overall touch. Designed to work on both right and left footwork, when practiced consistently, can improve their overall training. The solo trainer provides instant feedback if the ball is kicked incorrectly, allowing athletes to adjust their technique to practice accuracy. The simple design of the trainer spins the soccer ball freely with a 360- swivel design so the rotation is smooth and provides a realistic feel when kicked. Easily anchor and secure the spiral spike into grass for training. Designed with a size 5 regulation soccer ball. A fun and effective tool helps athletes play and train to be better on the pitch on game day.
  • Stationary passing trainer helps improve passing, ball control, rhythm, and overall touch
  • Allows athletes to work on both right and left footwork with consistent passing training
  • Solo trainer provides instant feedback if ball is kicked inaccurately
  • Ball spins freely with 360 swivel design
  • Easily anchor and secure spiral spike into grass
  • Designed with a size 5 soccer ball
More Information
Item Dimensions 21.59cm wide x 43.18cm height x 39.37cm depth
Weight 2.2 lbs
Sport Type Soccer
Skill Level Beginner
Training Type Ball Control, Passing, Receiving
Size Small

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