Lacrosse Shooting Trainer

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Improve shooting technique and build focus on the 8 target areas most likely to score. The Lacrosse Shooting Trainer easily attaches to regulation 6’x6’ goals to help players get the reps they need.
Typically, there are eight main target zones where players are more likely to score. The Lacrosse Shooting Trainer helps players visualize, focus, and shoot into the areas where a goalie is least likely to make a save. Designed to give players maximum shooting reps with instant feedback, the trainer builds the muscle memory and vision that are behind shots that score. The shooting trainer fits regulation lacrosse goals and sets up in just minutes with its quick-attachment buckles to stay securely on the net. It also returns missed shots and features a durable fabric with reinforced construction that can stand up to pro-level type power and still last for seasons of use. If you’re looking for a surefire way to increase your players’ vision and abilities, take a closer at this trainer.
  • 8 target areas to build focus on goal scoring zones
  • Gives players max shooting reps with instant feedback
  • Builds the vision and muscle memory needed to increase scoring percentages
  • Designed to fit standard 6' x 6’ lacrosse goals and sets up in minutes
  • Securely attaches to net with camlock buckles
  • Reinforced durable construction for seasons of use
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Item Dimensions 0.13 in wide x 72 in height x 72 in length
Weight 4.2 lbs
Sport Type Lacrosse
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Shooting
Role/Position Offense
Size Small
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Material 90% POLYESTER, 10% RUBBER
Warranty 1 Year

Focus on the eight

The Lacrosse Shooting Trainer focuses your players’ vision and shots on the eight goal areas they’re most likely to score. At the same time, it provides maximum reps to reinforce the muscle memory behind scoring shots while helping build speed and shot strength.


Max reps and instant feedback

Now you don’t need a goalie to train shooters to score. The Lacrosse Shooting Trainer helps build your players’ vision, so shots into the major scoring areas become second nature. Perfect for skill levels from juniors to pros, this is a must have training item for any lacrosse player.


Rejects the same shots as goalies

Design to fit regulation-sized goals and attach easily with bungee straps, the Lacrosse Shooting Trainer sets up in a minute and provides hours of the shot reps players need to increase their accuracy and scoring percentages. Its reinforced durable construction stands up to the hardest shots season after season.

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