Mini Passing Target

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This 17” heavy-duty mini passing net gives players the passing practice vital to moving the puck up the ice with accuracy. Set multiple nets on the ice for drills that build the muscle memory behind targeted passes that get through the tightest defenses. Quick and easy to setup and anchor on ice.
This 17” heavy duty Mini Passing Target sets up and attaches to the ice with ease for more targeted and effective passing practice. A durable 1” steel frame and polyester net holds up through hard passes and seasons of use. Set up one or more nets on the ice to help your players fine-tune their vision and increase their passing accuracy in all zones. The net lets you create fun passing drills for players at any level for solo or team practices, while building the muscle memory and movements that are key to advancing the puck. Clip-on moorings ensure the net anchors firmly to the ice. The Mini Passing Target measures 17”x12”x12”.
  • Miniature target to improve passing accuracy
  • Durable 1” steel frame and polyester net
  • Clip on net moorings included to easily anchor target to the ice
  • Quick and easy setup for more efficient training
  • Measures: 17"w x 12"d x 12"h
More Information
Item Dimensions 13 in wide x 12 in height
Weight 3.75 lbs
Sport Type Hockey
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Passing, Shooting
Role/Position Coach, Offense
Style Type Adjustable
More Information
Material 80% IRON, 20% TETORON
Warranty 1 Year

Miniature target

This 17” mini net sets up and attaches to the ice with ease for more targeted, effective passing practice. Set up one or more nets on the ice to help players build their vision and passing accuracy in all zones.


Durable build

This heavy-duty mini net is built to take the hardest shots. A durable 1” thick steel frame and long-lasting net make this the net you can use season after season.


Secure on ice

With clip-on moorings that anchor securely to the ice, this heavy-duty mini net won’t come unsecured and ruin the flow of your practice or training. It’s the perfect net for solo or team practices and is built tough.

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