Solo Assist

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The Solo Assist's advanced, lightweight construction and true-pass design allows for game-like catch-and-shoot training. Unlike other rebounders, it trains players to catch the ball on the move, set their feet and square up properly before shooting.
The Solo Assist is a must-have basketball training tool that trains players to set their feet, square up, and shoot the ball off a true pass. The advanced, lightweight construction and design allows for game-like catch-and-shoot-training. Easy to use and set up, the Solo Assist’s unique design trains players to catch the ball while they move, set their feet, and square up correctly before taking a shot. Designed for multi-surface use, the training tool is ideal for hardwood courts, outdoor courts, and even driveways. No matter the level, the tool is for individual and team drills. The Solo Assist is compact and portable, folding flat for storage and transport. The durable design was built to last season after season, so your team can grow and develop crucial catch-and-shoot skills.
  • Trains players to set their feet, square up and shoot the ball off a true pass
  • Designed for hardwood, outdoor courts and driveways
  • Perfect for individual practice or team drills
  • Portable and folds flat for easy storage
More Information
Item Dimensions 60 in wide x 30 in height x 39.599999999999994 in length
Weight 5.9 lbs
Size One Size
Sport Type Basketball
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Passing, Shooting
Role/Position Coach, Offense
Size Small
More Information
Material 60% Tetoron, 26% Iron, 9% Fiberglass, 4% Polyester, 1% Pp
Warranty 1 Year

Get Square.

With a unique design that won’t tip or wobble and court-gripping silicon feet, the Solo Assist is the perfect basketball training tool for youth and adults. The Solo Assist provides the true, game-like passes basketball players need to catch the ball on the move, set their feet and square up properly for better shooting.


Court to Court.

Designed for use on hardwood, outdoor basketball courts and driveways, the Solo Assist works on any surface and is the must-have basketball coaching tool for players who are serious about developing crucial catch-and-shoot skills.


Easy and Hard.

Built to last season after season, the Solo Assist combines highly durable construction with easy-to-use design. The unit folds down for simple storage and is portable enough to put in your trunk and take to basketball practice.

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