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Designed to help athletes score more goals, the Top Shelf easily attaches to a goal’s crossbar and features a deep pocket to catch made shots and provide instant feedback.
The SKLZ Top Shelf is designed to help athletes score more goals and improve shooting accuracy. The target features a deep pocket to catch made shots and provides instant feedback during training. Become the go-to playmaker on your team and aim where the goalie is most likely to miss. Through consistent practice, athletes will develop the muscle memory and vision needed for improved game day performance. Not only does this target improve your accuracy, but it also doubles as a ball bag. Simply fold the target in half and use the easy-carry handles. Fiberglass rods are included to help provide extra stability and structure. Get the reps you need to turn good plays into great plays. The target measures 3’x3’ and attaches to the top crossbar of most goals. Made from durable materials to last through seasons of use.
  • Helps improve shooting accuracy and score more goals
  • Catches the ball to provide instant feedback on all made shots
  • Folds into a ball bag with easy-carry handle
  • Fiberglass rod in the top and bottom provide structure
  • Measures 3’x3’ and attaches to most goals
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Item Dimensions 36 in. x 45 in. x 0.31 in.
Weight 2.76 lbs
Sport Type Soccer
Skill Level Advanced, Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Kicking, Shooting
Role/Position Offense
Size Small
More Information
Material 40% GLASSFIBER, 40% PP, 15% STEEL, 5% ABS

Score More Goals

Improve your shooting accuracy and get instant feedback on made shots.



The target folds into a ball bag with easy-carry handle.



Measuring 3 ft. X 3 ft., the target easily attaches to the crossbar of most goals.

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