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SKLZ® has always given athletes the tools to improve both their sport-specific skill and athleticism in their journey to be a well-rounded athlete. In this next evolution of sport training, we introduce the concept of cognitive training to enable faster reaction time & better decision-making. Our Athletic Intelligence™ line is designed to help athletes perceive what’s happening around them, process the incoming information, and perform the task at hand to better manage the chaos within sports. This new line was built to help athletes elevate their confidence and abilities to get to where they want to be on the field.

Reactive Catch


The Reactive Catch helps improve reaction time and rapid decision-making by combining mental and physical training. By training the brain and body to work together athletes are able to develop Athletic Intelligence, enhancing their mental and physical ability to react to incoming stimulus, resulting in increased game day performance.


Reactive Agility Coach


The SKLZ Reactive Agility Coach helps athletes improve reaction time by combining mental and physical training. The digital coach utilizes four illuminated colored numbers that can be seen from a distance to help mimic game time decisions and train quick thinking during practice. When visual and audible cues are combined during training, athletes are forced to think and react quickly to develop Athletic Intelligence™ and improve their game day performance. 


Reactive Agility Targets


The Reactive Agility Targets help improve coordination, reaction time, and accuracy by combining mental and physical training. The targets can be used to help athletes of any skill level to develop their Athletic Intelligence by training to read and react in use with target-based drills.


Reactive Agility Cones


The Reactive Agility Cones combine mental and physical training to help improve coordination, agility, and reaction time. Includes programming and content designed by certified trainers.



The Film Room

Check out our video library of 15 drills created by certified trainers to learn more ways to train with our products and help increase your game day performance

Waiting Catch and Call Drill

Inner Ring Jump & Go Drill

Call and Catch Drill

Use with SwitchedOn®

SwitchedOn® is a Perceptual-Cognitive-Motor (PCM) training app designed for competitive athletes that uses randomized cues that can be perceived through sight or sound to take your physical training to the next level by keeping your brain SwitchedOn. Within the SwitchedOn app, the SKLZ-specific zone lets athletes choose the SKLZ Athletic Intelligence products they own and their preferred sport.