Fielding Hands

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Fielding Hands: The premier infield training insert. Enhance fielding with your glove's genuine feel. Moldable to every player, fits best in glove sizes 11.5" and up. A revolution in baseball training equipment.
Every athlete seeks that edge—the secret weapon. Meet Fielding Hands, the gold standard in baseball training equipment. It's not just about practicing; it's about replicating the authentic match day spirit. With insights derived from a rich baseball lineage, we crafted this insert to mirror your glove's intrinsic feel. Our moldable core is a beacon of adaptability, adjusting to your unique needs, whether it's the perfect fit or transitioning gloves. Soft hand training is taken a notch higher with our foam padding, ensuring catches remain genuine, minus the discomfort. Spanning a vast range of glove sizes, Fielding Hands embodies your glove's weight and essence. It's not just another baseball tool; it's a commitment—lasting through intensive training sessions and multiple seasons. Catering to both left and right-handed athletes, our insert seamlessly integrates, fostering enhanced confidence and technique. Venture into training with the spirit of game day. Fielding Hands isn't just about refining; it's about redefining. The transformative journey from good to great requires the finest allies. If unparalleled excellence is your goal, Fielding Hands should be your choice. Master the field, one catch at a time.
  • Authentic Practice Feel: Experience the difference with Fielding Hands—the ultimate baseball training tool. Transform practices into game-day simulations.
  • Adaptive Commitment: A moldable insert that's a testament to dynamic baseball training tools. It adjusts and evolves with your game.
  • Sting-Free Confidence: With soft hand training, master your catches. Our foam padding ensures a sting-free experience.
  • Durability Is Key: Beyond just a fielding trainer, Fielding Hands offers unwavering support, season after season.
  • Universal Application: For every left or right-handed player, our insert refines your fielding mechanics. Optimize every throw, every catch.
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Item Dimensions 5.5 in wide x 0.25 in height x 8 in length
Weight 0.15 lbs
Sport Type Baseball, Softball
Skill Level Intermediate
Training Type Fielding, Form
Role/Position Defense
Size Small
More Information
Material 84%Pvc, 14%Eva, 2%Silicone
Warranty 1 Year

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