Hyper Speed Athletic Wearable Training System

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Enhance your athletic performance with the SKLZ Hyper Speed, a wearable technology paired with a digital app that measures and tracks your speed and agility so you can optimize your performance over time.
Unlock your full potential with the SKLZ Hyper Speed, a cutting-edge wearable sports technology designed to help you improve your athletic performance. Our comprehensive training system pairs a wristband sensor with a mobile app that allows athletes to track speed, agility, and vertical jump metrics with precision. Whether you're training sprints or endurance, the Hyper Speed's versatile technology can measure distances up to 800m, offering a variety of performance feedback. The sensor seamlessly syncs via bluetooth with the mobile app so you can review your results in real-time for on-the-spot adjustments. The app also provides a library of instructional video drills so you can work on targeted skill development. The Hyper Speed also comes with an easy-to-set-up tripod phone stand to securely hold your phone in the proper position to record and measure your activity. The tri-pod ensures your phone stays in place, providing a no-fuss, quick setup that lets you stay focused on your training. With the app’s ability to track and graph results, athletes can witness their progression over time and identify specific areas for improvement. This comprehensive training system is not just about technology; it's an investment in your athletic journey. The SKLZ Hyper Speed delivers professional-level results, streamlining the path to peak performance.
  • Wearable Sports Technology: The SKLZ Hyper Speed features advanced sensors for tracking athletic performance in real time, to allow athlete's to accurately measure and improve performance over time.
  • Mobile App Integration: Seamlessly syncs with a bluetooth mobile app to house and track your data in real-time for always-on access to performance results.
  • Comprehensive Training System: This all-in-one solution provides measurement and anayltics, as well as complimentary, targeted training videos to help athlete's improve performance in real-time.
  • Variety of Training Capabilities: Designed for athletes across a variety of sports, the system helps improve speed, agility, quickness and vertical jump.
  • User-Friendly and Portable: Comes with an easy-set-up tripod stand that holds your phone in the proper position to create a finish line so athletes can stay focused on their training session.
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Item Dimensions 4.40 in wide x 3.46 in height x 4.33 length
Weight 0.12 lbs
Size One Size
Sport Type Athletic Training
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Speed
Size Small
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Material Watch - 100% Tpr 60% Silicone Rubber, 20% Polycarbonate, 5% Steel, 15% Misc Electronics
Warranty 1 Year

Improve your Speed. Increase Vertical Jump.

Develop your competitive edge with a versatile training tool that tracks metrics across speed, agility and jump height. The removable sensor accurately measures your speed over distances ranging from short sprints to long runs (up to 800 meters). It also tracks your vertical jump height, giving you a complete picture of your explosive power. The comfortable, adjustable wristband ensures a secure fit during even the most intense workouts, while the easy-to-use device lets you monitor your progress in real time, helping you identify areas for improvement and reach your full potential.


Real Time Results

Ditch the stopwatch and level up your training with Hyper Speed. Wearable tech and a cutting-edge app that precisely tracks your speed and agility drills for professional level results. See your progress in real time and stay motivated as you crush your goals. The user-friendly app offers additional training drills to keep your workouts fresh and challenging.


Train anytime, anywhere.

Train like the pros. Run your own combine, Hyper Speed lets you analyze your speed, agility, and vertical jump right at home or on your local training field. The easy-to-setup tripod assembles in moments, ensuring a secure and stable platform for your phone. Ditch the bulky equipment and focus on your training – this portable system goes where you go, so you can track your progress and optimize your training on the fly.

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