Passing Triangle

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This heavyweight, pro-quality passing triangle helps players build shooting, passing, and stickhandling abilities. Practice one timers, passes, and more to build the muscle memory and stickhandling that improve greater accuracy and timing. Perfect for solo or team practices, the triangle features retractable spikes for training multiple surfaces.
The Passing Triangle helps players build their shooting, passing, and stickhandling abilities that make great hockey players. With instant feedback that returns shots off the rubber rebounders, this heavyweight triangle reinforces the muscle memory, stickhandling skills, and vision that creates powerful, accurate one timers, passes, and shots. Designed for athletes to use during solo or team practices. It features a large 22” passing area per side for easy rebounding. Built for hard surfaces, its retractable spikes mean you can use it to train on ice, cement, inline hockey tiles, and shooting pads without ever having to worry about it slipping around.
  • Heavy weight steel passing triangle to improve shooting, passing, and stick handling
  • Returns pucks from three sides for a variety of passing drills
  • Retractable spikes allow you to train on ice, cement, hockey tiles and shooting pads
  • Can be used for solo or team training
  • 22” of passing area per side
More Information
Item Dimensions 21.6 in wide x 1.5 in height
Weight 13 lbs
Sport Type Hockey
Skill Level Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Training Type Accuracy, Passing, Stick Handling
Role/Position Coach, Offense
Style Type Adjustable
Size Small
More Information
Material 90% Iron, 10% Epdm
Warranty 1 Year

Instant feedback

This heavyweight steel passing triangle provides instant feedback, returning pucks back to players after they hit it squarely on any side. Use it to train one timers, improve passing, and a variety of other drills.



With 22” of rebounding area per side, the passing triangle helps players build the vision, muscle memory, power, and stickhandling confidence they need to advance the puck more quickly and accurately up the ice.


Retractable spikes

Built for using on a variety of surfaces, the passing triangle features retractable spikes so it can be used on ice, cement, inline hockey tiles, shooting pads, and other hard surfaces.

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