Pro Knit Hip Band

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The Pro Knit Hip Band assists in improving mobility, and strength for lower body resistance training using short stride movements. The thick bands are to be worn above the knees for glute, hamstring, and quad activating movements. Built with a durable, and comfortable stretch fabric so they won’t pinch skin, or slip during movements. After sweaty workouts, the bands are machine washable and easy to clean. Available in both light medium and heavy resistance.
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Item Dimensions 2.5 in wide x 0.5 in height x 13 in length
Weight 0.22 lbs
Sport Type Athletic Training
Training Type Power, Recover, Resistance, Stength, Warm-Up

Anti-slip bands

Made with comfortable stretch fabric, the Pro Knit Hip Band was built to stay in place during any training movement, plus it won’t pinch or pull skin. The fabric is also machine washable and easy to clean after any sweaty workout.


Versatile Movements

The Pro Knit Hip Band can be used in a variety of ways for many different types of workouts. Use for body resistance training or for a pre-workout warmup. The bands are typically to be worn above the knees for glute, hamstring, and quad activation with short stride movements.


Larger Size

The hip band was designed to be on the thicker side of the average resistance band. This adds more difficulty to a workout and provides extra durability for day to day use. Available in light, medium, and heavy resistances.