Soccer Trainer Pro

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With its high-tension net, the Soccer Trainer Pro provides ground, driven, and lofted returns to help players master first touch, control, passing, and receiving. Adjust its setting and train at virtually any distance and speed with both feet to improve the technique found in elite players.
The Soccer Trainer Pro gives players the ground, driven, and lofted returns they need to master first touch, ball control, and precision passing and receiving. Its high-tension, adjustable-return design creates game-like pace and ball action, allowing players at any position to train at virtually all angles with their left and right feet. Improve short passes to train touch. Train from further distances and its high-tension design still delivers game-like ball action and speed. The Soccer Trainer Pro gives players at any level the reps they need to build the muscle memory, coordination, power and reaction times that are found in the game�s most elite athletes. Unlike other bulky or complicated rebounders, the Soccer Trainer Pro features a rapid tension net system and unique frame design that make it easy to set up, take down, and store. There�s also no bottom bar to impede passes or interfere with its returns. Plus, with its sturdy and heavy-weight design, the Soccer Trainer Pro stands up to the strongest training on grass or turf without the need for stakes.
  • Master first touch, control, passing and receiving with game like ball returns � ground, driven or lofted
  • Rapid tension net system and collapsible frame for easy setup and portability
  • Unique frame design helps develop better training habits through more realistic on ground passing technique
  • High tension rebounder can receive and return balls at game like distances and speeds
  • Quickly adjust and set rebounder to any angle to train and develop specific skills across all positions including goal keeper
  • Extremely durable net and steel frame for seasons of use
  • Weighted base allows rebounder to be used on turf and grass fields
  • Frame measure 6� wide by 2.5� tall
More Information
Weight 18.14 lbs
Size One Size
Sport Type Soccer
Skill Level Advanced, Intermediate
Training Type Ball Control, Passing, Receiving
Role/Position Coach, Defense, Goalkeeper, Offense
Style Type Adjustable
Size Small

Improve technique

Gives players at any level and any position the reps they need to master first touch, control, receiving, and passing. The Soccer Trainer Pro delivers game-like passes driven, lofted, and ground for more realistic ball movement and improved training sessions.


Better training

The Soccer Trainer Pro�s unique rapid-tension net system allows you to quickly add or release net tension to set up and break down with ease. While its collapsible frame allows for portability and easy transportation to and from the field to maximize training time.


High-tension net for game-like action.

The Soccer Trainer Pro�s unique, high-tension net design means players can practice at the distances and speeds found in games. The frame angle can easily adjust to control the rebound height allowing players to practice receiving the ball to build coordination, timing, and accuracy.

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